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Tabitha Kavyu

University of Nairobi
Developer Students Club Lead
I am motivated by a desire to give back to the community, use my skills, to meet with like-minded people and have fun while doing so.I believe there is nothing more satisfying than giving my precious time to others and I have a keen interest in JavaScript . So let us talk about communities and JavaScript!
Thursday, February 20

10:30am WAT

11:30am WAT

1:00pm WAT

5:00pm WAT

8:00pm WAT

Friday, February 21

10:00am WAT

10:10am WAT

10:35am WAT

11:50am WAT

12:40pm WAT

12:50pm WAT

1:00pm WAT

2:00pm WAT

2:25pm WAT

2:50pm WAT

3:20pm WAT

3:30pm WAT

3:40pm WAT

Saturday, February 22

9:35am WAT

9:50am WAT

9:55am WAT

10:00am WAT

10:05am WAT

10:10am WAT

10:35am WAT

11:00am WAT

11:25am WAT

12:30pm WAT

12:55pm WAT

1:20pm WAT

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2:30pm WAT

3:20pm WAT