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Donald Wilson

SAP Concur
Senior Software Engineer
Denver, Colorado, USA
My career had humble origins as a Computer Operator on IBM 370 MVS Mainframes. By the early 1980s, I transitioned into Data & Voice Communications. In this capacity, I engineered the installation of one of the first Fiber Optic Networks in the Southern California region. Eventually, I became a Network Technology Engineer and managed prestigious international projects in Singapore, Belgium, Ireland, Korea and Japan. I transitioned into Software development and continued servicing the Asia Pacific region, performing cross-platform Systems Integration, Networking design and support, Unix Client software development and systems porting.

Eventually in the mid 90s, I engaged in an international joint venture project co-sponsored by the Singaporean government to develop Travel Industry based applications using nascent Internet technologies. This application prototype was developed in Java using pre-1.0 beta releases of the JDK and inchoative Java IDEs. When the Java JVM was released initially, I already led a development effort that was awarded sponsorship by the Singaporean Economic Development Board.

Returning from a successful product launch, I joined MapQuest as the website was just beginning. I was one of two engineers responsible for all of MapQuest\\'s initial Java technology development. We created one of the first comprehensive Java frameworks and distributional APIs for interactive mapping and route generation. Highlights of these endeavors were a feature article in Newsweek Magazine, an original application on the inaugural launch of Sun Microsystems\\' Java Station, as well as a premiere channel on Marimba Castanet and Netscape\\'s Netcaster Push technologies.

Since then I continued to specialize in Java, as an architect and principal design/implementation engineer for software development in the Healthcare industry. Currently, I have returned back to my Travel roots and working with a new technology stack focusing on AWS at SAP Concur. A long career consisting of almost 15 years of Hardware and 25 years of Software Engineering.