Nwike Emmanuel

sales executive
I want to code very well
People should only talk to me about coding
Thursday, February 20

8:00am WAT

10:30am WAT

11:30am WAT

12:30pm WAT

1:00pm WAT

5:00pm WAT

8:00pm WAT

Friday, February 21

8:00am WAT

10:00am WAT

10:10am WAT

10:35am WAT

10:55am WAT

11:50am WAT

12:20pm WAT

12:40pm WAT

12:50pm WAT

1:00pm WAT

1:20pm WAT

2:50pm WAT

3:20pm WAT

3:30pm WAT

3:40pm WAT

3:50pm WAT

Saturday, February 22

12:10pm WAT

12:55pm WAT

1:20pm WAT

2:30pm WAT