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Thursday, February 20

10:30am WAT

Improving The Linux User Experience For African Users

As a frequent Linux user, I have learned that the challenges some users face while interacting with it come from a perception of its rigidity. My talk will help users explore the various streams of open source desktop customization that will further improve user experience with Linux.

In my experience with Linux personally and in training others, I have noticed a presumption that Linux can only be used as an alternative operating system on reasons mostly based on its lack of flexibility with user interactions. Surprisingly, even as an alternative operating system very few people are aware of the various awesome packages it has to offer and the new features that have been added over time to improve user experience. I will love to share my experiences on how the addition of some features helped me better perform my job.

For the purpose of this technical session, we will be using the Fedora distribution of Linux and at the end you will know: 

  • An introduction to open source Desktop Applications available on a Linux server and its features.
  • How to install and configure open source desktop packages.
  • Explore  desktop office applications packages.

avatar for Regina Nkemchor

Regina Nkemchor

Software Engineer, IKEA IT AB
Regina is a software engineer and an OSPO ambassador at IKEA IT AB. She is the founder of OpenKids Africa, a non-profit organisation using open educational resources to teach children in rural African communities digital skills. She is the first African elected and re-elected to the... Read More →

Thursday February 20, 2020 10:30am - 11:30am WAT
Accra Zone Tech Park

10:30am WAT

Practical Baby Step on contributing to Data Science Open Source

Data Science is a new career with a huge demand in the society, a lot of tools has been built to ease the work of a data scientist and analyst, these tools are becoming good with the help of Open source contributors. In this session, I will guide delegates on how to contribute to open-source ds tools.

Data Science has become a sexist career with a huge demand in the society, however, a lot of tools has been developed with dynamic and duplex functions to ease the work of a data scientist and analyst, these tools are growing and becoming better over time with the help of Open source contributors. In this session, we will contribute to Datasist, Datawiz and other Nigeria made Open source Data Science tools using Python.

avatar for Emeka Boris ama

Emeka Boris ama

Data Scientist

Thursday February 20, 2020 10:30am - 11:30am WAT
Nairobi Zone Tech Park

11:30am WAT

Open Source Static Analysis Integration with Jenkins, Github, Digital Ocean and Psalm

Quality assurance is of great importance in software projects. With many contributors, it becomes a burden for open source projects to depend entirely on manual code reviews to keep up with code quality. This workshop highlights how projects can ensure code quality using Static Analysis Integration.
Static Analysis tools, check for and detect errors within a code base without running the code. When integrated into a projects CI/CD they can detect subtle code errors that would otherwise be missed by manual code review. This saves review time for both project contributors and reviewers as contributors see errors within their commits once they make a pull request and then fix them. This also serves as a means for quality assurance. This workshop will involve integrating a static analysis tool(Psalm) as part of the continuous integration workflow for a Github project. The Technical requirements are as follows
  • Internet access
  • Github Account
  • Server space(Digital ocean droplet recommended)
All of these can be gotten for free.

avatar for Onyemenam Ndubuisi

Onyemenam Ndubuisi

Software Engineer
Human @earth. Problem solver. Beginning to fall in love with Devops. Ask me about Backend Development.

Thursday February 20, 2020 11:30am - 12:30pm WAT
Accra Zone Tech Park

11:30am WAT

Pull Request Tutorials

Pull requests let you tell others about changes you’ve pushed to a GitHub repository. Once a pull request is sent, interested parties can review the set of changes & discuss potential modifications. The accuracy of PRs enables teams to make the necessary changes to improve a solution or product.

In this workshop, we’ll cover various topics related to creating, reviewing and merging pull requests for beginners, contributors, and maintainers. We’ll discuss how to describe the:
  • Motivation and context of pull request
  • Tests you’ve done, how to recreate the issue and screenshots if appropriate
  • Types of changes eg: bug fix, new feature or breaking change
  • The checklist you followed in creating the change.
We’ll also cover how to report sensitive security flaws that can not be shared in a pull request.
For maintainers will discuss how to:
  • Accurately review pull requests and give constructive feedback
  • Define your projects merging policy - some example “We only accept pull requests after the matter has been discussed thoroughly in an issue”


Sonia John

Digital Innovation Strategist, Afrolynk

Thursday February 20, 2020 11:30am - 12:30pm WAT
Nairobi Zone Tech Park

1:00pm WAT

Building intelligent Robots

In this workshop you will learn how to build a simple robot using AWS RoboMaker and how you can then use high level AI services such as vision to quickly integrate AI capabilities into your robot.
This workshop will require attendees bring a laptop and have an AWS account.

ROS (Robotics Operating System) is the open source project that allows developers and builders to quickly develop robotic applications and bring modern application development techniques to the field of Robotics.
In this session, I will outline a brief history of how robotics have traditionally been developed, and then explore how the open source project ROS has enabled hundreds of companies and academia to accelerate innovation in this field. I will then talk about AWS RoboMaker, which is a service that allows developers and roboticist to take advantage of ROS, and allows them to integrate robots into the Cloud to take advantage of capabilities such as A.I vision and voice.
I will run a workshop to get attendees started on how to do that, and how they can then use this when building their own robots.


Ricardo Sueiras

Enterprise Evangelist, Amazon Web Services

Thursday February 20, 2020 1:00pm - 2:00pm WAT
Accra Zone Tech Park
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