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Saturday, February 22

9:35am WAT

Becoming a stand out contributor

Becoming a stand out contributor means you have to apply the best practices, write well-crafted documentation for features and sample codes.

avatar for Amaechi Amarachi

Amaechi Amarachi

Front-End Developer, Zedcrest Capital

Saturday February 22, 2020 9:35am - 9:40am WAT
Lagos Zone Tech Park, Plot 9 Gbagada Industrial Scheme, Beside UPS, Gbagada Expressway

9:50am WAT

How to improve the way you write codes by contributing to open source

Open source is one of the best ways to get started with the real-world experience of the programming world and learning quickly. Also, open-source organizations are very keen and welcoming to new contributors to their platforms. Lately, I have heard a lot of people saying that contributing to open-source projects is very difficult. So, I decided to come up with this talk just to break the myth. I know it can be hard at first but believe me, there are far harder things in the programming world than starting to contribute in the open-source. In this talk, I am going to share the motivation and plan to write your first patch for the open-source organization that you love to use in your personal time.

avatar for Emmanuel Nwolisa

Emmanuel Nwolisa

Software Developer, Free Open Source Universe
Emmanuel is a senior software Engineer, co-founder open source community Ghana, open source advocate, entrepreneur, conference speaker

Saturday February 22, 2020 9:50am - 9:55am WAT
Lagos Zone Tech Park, Plot 9 Gbagada Industrial Scheme, Beside UPS, Gbagada Expressway

9:55am WAT

Designers can be OpenSourcerers Too.

Open source is beautiful! It makes powerful, potentially life-changing software free and open to all. However, open-source software has been largely associated with poor user experience and aesthetics. Could this be because designers are not interested in contributing to free software? Actually, “Most designers don’t have a clue about open source,” says Eriol Fox of Ushahidi, a non-profit social enterprise that creates humanitarian, open-source tech tools. And there’s no doubt, personally I was not aware for the longest time in my tech career that designers (and people from other fields other than coding) could contribute to open-source software almost as much as programmers do. Why should you contribute to open-source as a designer? What opportunities are open to you as an open-source designer and what help is available to help you get started? These questions and more will be addressed in this talk. It is open to everyone, including non-designers and non-coders.

avatar for Abigail Makolo

Abigail Makolo

UX designer, eHealth4everyone
I design and manage digital products in Abuja, Nigeria. I work as a UX designer at eHealth4everyone where I save lives by helping to ensure that health IT solutions are visually appealing and of high quality, yet easy and pleasant to use. I also design websites and things in my spare... Read More →

Saturday February 22, 2020 9:55am - 10:00am WAT
Lagos Zone Tech Park, Plot 9 Gbagada Industrial Scheme, Beside UPS, Gbagada Expressway

10:00am WAT

Increasing your value within your team

Being treasured within the team you work doesn’t only happen when you are a 10x engineer and can push code at the speed of light. Many times, your worth within your team increases as a result of helping others in the team. This can be by mentoring a colleague, or teaching a teammate a new concept you understand better or reviewing Pull Requests with great attention to detail that ensures little or no bug gets deployed to production. Being valued in your team can come as a result of bringing into the team, your unique qualities, and personal attributes, and not only your technical prowess. You can thrive in a new team by bringing out the parts of you that impact others and makes the team (a part of the world) a better place.

avatar for Ignatius Ukwuoma

Ignatius Ukwuoma

Data Engineer, Andela
I'm a passionate engineer with experience in designing and building data pipelines. I spend a lot of my time mentoring beginner developers. Talk to me about anything interesting from getting started in programming to details about my field - data engineering.

Saturday February 22, 2020 10:00am - 10:05am WAT
Lagos Zone Tech Park, Plot 9 Gbagada Industrial Scheme, Beside UPS, Gbagada Expressway

10:05am WAT

Community growth on DevCareer

avatar for Akintunde Sultan

Akintunde Sultan

Founder, DevCareer
Sultan is a software developer, a developer advocate and a lot of his works are focused on supporting the tech ecosystem in Africa in his own little way.

Saturday February 22, 2020 10:05am - 10:10am WAT
Lagos Zone Tech Park, Plot 9 Gbagada Industrial Scheme, Beside UPS, Gbagada Expressway
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